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Project Approach. The smart way.

The Studio Group typically uses the following approach depending on the scope of the project, the project’s objectives, the expected deliverables, and the client’s preferences for collaboration. We always customize the approach to suit our clients’ needs, wants, and expectations.

We have found this approach works exceptionally well when working with local governments, tourism organizations, economic development offices, and not-for-profits.

First Step: Project Planning

  1. Describe project objectives & deliverables
  2. Agree to milestone dates & check-in points
  3. Establish change management and scope adjustment procedures
  4. Allocate resources and responsibilities

Second Step: Research

  1. Conduct primary research, but only if warranted
  2. Perform desktop research using secondary sources
  3. Perform brand evaluation
  4. Analyze any and all digital metrics
  5. Interview key stakeholders, if available
  6. Identify industry structure and examine competitors/comparators
  7. Ascertain and prioritize key target market segments
  8. Conduct SWOT & PESTEL analysis
  9. Determine product/service stage of lifecycle
  10. Present analysis and findings

Third Step: Production

We will work to create a strategy that will meet your specific requirements. We will develop campaign concepts featuring taglines, key design components, and related elements as necessary for the project to achieve its objectives. We will use the research and brand evaluation to ensure the concept works within the your company’s personality parameters to ensure the right message reaches the right audiences in the right way.

tSG develops creative components in conjunction with the marketing strategy. This requires a reiterative process in which one inspires and influences the development of the other. This enables us to optimise the success of each while making certain they are fully integrated and supporting each other to achieve the objectives.

Throughout the reiterative process, you will be able to select the creative product you feel best meets your needs. If necessary, we will test your preferred concept(s) in focus group settings. If required, we will gain your approval in advance for any recommended media buy budgets.

Fourth Step: Implementation

  1. Finalize and deploy designs and layouts
  2. Co-ordinate printing and production
  3. Book and manage media buys
  4. Construct and maintain website(s) and social media accounts
  5. Assist in actualizing recommended product/service developments
  6. Conduct ongoing measurements and analysis of metrics
  7. Adjust plan as the need is identified


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