Brands Have Value

Have you ever wondered if brands contribute anything to your company’s bottom line? Well, brands can be considered assets and have been included in some financial statements as such. Take a look at this list to see how much a brand might be worth:

  1. Royal Bank of Canada: $11,060,000,000
  2. TD Bank: $10,855,000,000
  3. Scotiabank: $7,717,000,000
  4. Bank of Montreal: $7,114,000,000
  5. Bell: $7,081,000,000
  6. CIBC: $5,028,000,000
  7. Rogers: $4,787,000,000
  8. Telus: $4,290,000,000
  9. Enbridge: $4,093,000,000
  10. Bombardier: $4,090,000,000

Yes. Those are billions of dollars.  And they’re not arbitrarily assigned, either. They’re carefully calculated by Brand Finance. Find out more about it from this article in Marketing magazine.