Canmore Brand Launch

Last night was the big event, the culmination of 6 very intense weeks. The new Canmore community brand was launched at a big event at the Radisson Canmore.

We’re very proud of the final product. It’s a whole new approach to branding that we’re quite sure has never been attempted before. Since Canmore has so much to offer, we have created a multi-faceted brand and visual identity. You will be seeing more of it in execution over coming months, but here’s how it works:

There are many aspects to Canmore’s authentic Rocky Mountain lifestyle. The Canmore brand concept and logo design uses colour to present each aspect of the brand.

Think of the Canmore brand as a beautifully cut diamond. Many people looking simultaneously at the diamond will each see a different facet, and each facet will reflect a different colour. This is how we present the Canmore logos – a different colour for each aspect of Canmore’s multifaceted lifestyle.

Now, imagine that all those colours are brought back together in a complete spectrum, viewed through a single prism. All those colours, or brand facets, are now combined to represent the community of Canmore.

Today, the streets of Canmore are lined with banners showing the beautiful new logo and its many facets. The streets are bright with colour and look warm, friendly and inviting – just spectacular (photos to come shortly). A superb and distinctive look for Canada’s global destination for mountain lifestyle.

It has been a truly extraordinary experience working so closely with Andrew, Tulene, Teresa, and Julie at Canmore Business and Tourism. They are fabulously talented people and we’ve enjoyed working with them. Despite the pressure of incredibly tight timelines, they managed to keep their sense of humour – always a sign of true professionals. Also, a big thank-you to Aaron Mumby for his assistance and contribution.