Digital Marketing

The Internet has provided the world with a global marketing medium. Within that medium there are multitudes of channels, each with a variety of marketing opportunities, techniques, benefits, and challenges. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are providing marketers with new options for reaching potential new clients and consumers, and achieving greater loyalty from existing ones.

Much has been made about social media, but how much time and effort can you (should you) invest? And which social media are right for you? How do you ensure that your messages remain within the personality of your brand?

Then you have to consider your website. What role does it have in your marketing strategy? How you know if it is working? Does it need to generate leads or sales or support a brand awareness campaign?

E-mail campaigns are still effective tools for connecting with prospects, leads, and existing clients. But you have probably being hearing a lot about content marketing, too. So how does that work with your brand and marketing strategy? Do you even need one?


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