Traditional Advertising

Think traditional advertising is dead? Think again.

It’s true that traditional advertising has been undergoing some transitional confusion in the face of new online marketing opportunities. But it will not disappear. In fact, some traditional media have experienced increases in sales and revenues because it remains the most effective way to build brand awareness.

“So what?”, you say. And well you might, since, on the face of it, this doesn’t matter much. Until it comes to allocating your limited marketing budget, at which point it becomes a huge issue because you need to obtain optimal results from every marketing dollar you spend.

Should you use radio? How much is television? What about production costs? Are newspapers effective? Who will design the ad? Which magazines? And what about billboards? Does anyone use the yellow phone book anymore?

tSG is able to answer these questions and provide you with greater results. Since we refuse to charge exorbitant commissions on media sales, your media budget will buy more, giving you greater results. Additionally, we know which media will work best for you, manage the booking process, and develop the creative that will appeal to each specific audience.

You can view some of the traditional ads we have created in the past by visiting our portfolio.


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