• Community
  • Economic development
  • Tourism
  • Complete the rebranding process commenced two years earlier
  • Create a brand that would speak to diverse niche market segments
  • Brand development
  • Design + layout
  • Market research + testing
  • Video production

Canmore’s ‘funky dude’ logo was nearing the end of his life. As happy and active as he was, the community had changed and the funky dude’s usefulness was expiring. tSG was contracted to complete the rebranding process the community had started two years before. We were given 6 weeks to complete a process that would normally take 3 to 6 months.

Our brief was to create a brand that represented all of Canmore’s many distinctive features, each attracting very different people. In other words, we had to create a brand that had the ability to speak to very diverse niche market segments.

We researched, we consulted, and we brainstormed. We worked with the client as a well oiled machine. With such a very tight deadline we presented our initial concept to unanimous committee approval.

We refined, we examined, and we honed. We continued to work with the client night and day. With each presentation came more positive feedback, more ovations, and ever more support. In fact, tSG had broken new ground in community branding.

The new Canmore community brand is a very rare thing. It’s a multifaceted brand.

Think of it this way: Canmore is a diamond being examined by many different people. Each person sees a different facet of the diamond. And, as diamonds are known to do, each facet reflects a different colour. The diamond acts a prism, too, which helps us to see all the colours at the same time. By employing a multifaceted brand, Canmore can now present itself to each of its target audiences using a unique and authentic voice without compromising brand consistency or brand integrity.

By the time the new Canmore brand was launched (a day earlier than initially planned), tSG had created a brand and visual identity that has since been adapted and applied to multiple community organizations (e.g. the Business Revitalization Zone), business associations (e.g. Tourism Canmore-Kananaskis), and the Town of Canmore itself.

Canmore’s new brand and logo clearly position the community in a class of its own. It is unmistakably a unique mountain destination offering authentic Rocky mountain lifestyle experiences.