Crowsnest Pass


  • Municipality
  • Government
  • Rebrand the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass
  • Gain community support for the new brand + visual identity
  • Brand development
  • Design + layout
  • Implementation planning
  • Market research

Tucked away in Alberta’s south-western corner, the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass stretches across five separate communities. Its original 30-year old logo was severely outdated and its brand had become unrepresentative of the community. Also, the community’s main economic drivers had changed and the community needed to attract new businesses, younger residents, and more tourists.

The project started with research into the Municipality’s most viable economic development opportunities conducted by tSG’s strategic partner, economic consultants Millier Dickinson Blais. Community input was acquired through interviews with community leaders and a community open house event. This research helped identify the target market segments for the Municipality, and how the residents perceived themselves and their community.

tSG proceeded to develop the core branding components simultaneously to the development of the visual identity elements. In a reiterative process of development and inspiration, the brand and logo concepts came together. Several options were presented to the Municipality’s project team which selected three for focus group testing.

tSG conducted the focus group testing and then presented its recommendations to the Municipal Council. Council’s acceptance of tSG’s recommendations (shown below) meant we could then proceed to develop their stationery and marketing collateral designs, and finalize their brand standards and visual identity guidelines.

Finally, tSG assisted the Municipality with its brand launch, including staff presentations, a media conference, a gala launch event, and a community open house.

The tagline “Naturally Rewarding” reflects Crowsnest Pass’ positioning as the place to go to interact with the natural environment in a personally rewarding manner. Whether a young family seeking an alternative to an urban lifestyle, or retirees wanting an escape from years in the rat race, Crowsnest Pass is presented as being the community in which one finds the rewards they deserve.