Better Than the Rest

Here are a few of the new and smarter ways we serve our clients.

Clarity builds trust. That’s just smart.

Like you, we prefer to work with people we trust and respect. Clarity, transparency, and understanding help build trust and respect. That’s why we explain things to our clients without using confusing jargon or acronyms: we want your trust.

No account execs. That’s new.

You will always be in touch with one of tSG’s partners. No account executives or middlemen means reduced opportunity for miscommunications. And that means faster production, less chance for errors, and ultimately, you get what you expect.

Updates are free. That’s better service.

We don’t charge for the little things. At tSG, we believe you deserve to know how things are going. So, we won’t charge you for an email or a phone call to get an update on where we’re at.

We collaborate. Everyone says it, we do it.

Collaboration is key, so we make it easy (and we don’t charge) for you to participate in the production process as much as you desire. We employ easy-to-use project management technology that allows you to watch the work in progress and to make contributions when and where you see fit.

Project-based pricing. That’s smarter.

No surprises. tSG lays out everything in advance. We use set-in-stone project-based pricing so you know what it will cost, what you will get, and when you will get it.

No huge commissions. That’s less money spent.

No huge commissions on media buys. Just like your business, tSG needs to recoup its costs and, hopefully, make a little profit so it can continue to provide you with new and smarter services. But we’re not greedy. We don’t charge exorbitant commissions on any media buys we arrange on your behalf.

We prove the results. Now, isn’t that better?

We’re not afraid to prove the results. As an astute marketer, you want to know what your marketing and advertising endeavours have achieved. tSG has developed proprietary statistical techniques that help you uncover which marketing efforts are producing the best results. Using the advertising schedules from your media vendors, online advertising data, and metrics from your website and social media accounts, we are able to show you the who, what, where, when, and how of your
marketing and sales efforts. You can then do things such as sharpen your advertising creative, target newly identified market segments, or reallocate your budgets so you can achieve greater results from less money spent.


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