Marketing Strategy

Every marketing grad can recite the 4Ps in their sleep: Product, Place, Price, Promotion. These marketing mix variables have been the cornerstone of marketing strategy for decades. However, the ever-changing digital marketing universe has produced a new set of marketing mix variables. Commonly, these are being referred to as the 4Es: Experience, Everyplace, Exchange, and Evangelism.

But, is it time to though out the old methods and jump on the new? Self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ and ‘ninjas’ will say “most definitely!”. The dinosaurs (those who are still charging you 20% commissions on sales of newspaper advertising) will say “definitely not”.

At tSG, we believe each marketing mix has its own merits. Combine them, and you have powerful strategic solutions that can exploit the huge advantages of integrated traditional and digital marketing programs. Integrated marketing solutions developed within the parameters of your brand in order to provide consistency across all media, will always succeed.

Of course, there is much more to marketing strategy than the marketing mix variables. We need to understand your audience, your clients, your objectives, your core competency, and myriad other things to ensure we get your strategy right. And then, we also need to set what to measure and how to measure it in order to make ongoing adjustments to your strategy, and when to declare it a success.

Take a quick look at our Research & Sheepdog Analytics page to learn more about how we do that.


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