Emergency Services Academy


  • Education
  • Rebrand ESA
  • Develop a marketing strategy to increase awareness and enrolments
  • Implement the advertising and promotion campaign
  • Market research + statistical analysis
  • Brand development
  • Marketing consultation
  • Media buys + management
  • Advertising creative development
  • Radio ad production

Sherwood Park’s Emergency Services Academy is one the nation’s respected trainers of emergency services personnel. tSG was contracted to refine their existing brand and develop a marketing strategy would reach out to their target audiences, building brand awareness and interest in a career as a first responder.

We worked closely with ESA to understand their brand. We analysed their existing data to determine what drives someone to become a firefighter or an EMT. We considered the geographic spread of their students who come from all over Canada and the US. We paid very close attention to the trends within the fire fighter and EMT training industry, and graduates’ prospects of future employment. The research was vital to the development of the marketing strategy which was designed to build brand awareness.

The research also gave us the knowledge we needed to successfully refine the academy’s existing brand and enhance its logo, work that was done once the body of marketing strategy was completed. tSG was then instrumental in building a unified and consist identity across the company and all its promotional materials.

Since implementing the marketing strategy and deploying the new brand, ESA has since a marked improvement in the number and quality of enquiries for its upcoming courses.